About US

Leading the idea of wellness by way of rare ancient herbs formulated in the form of our “Natural Supplements” the revolution launched. Our story began in 2018 when The Founder N. Rahman got a chance to delve into the greenery along the Himalayan Bed in the Western Nepal; and was awestruck by the discerning medicinal benefits it has. Thus the Idea was to exploit it towards the greater good of humanity by spreading it across the globe.

In early 2018, the idea carved out, and the hustle to instill it as a Charitable Trust was floated. The charity organization could only serve the local population and therefore it was decided to make it available to the masses, under the name of IndiHerbs as a D2C Brand. Thereafter the small effort to provide Health supplements to the needy gradually nurtured into a renowned product line that required expansion, and the Corporation Brota IndiHerbs LLC embellished into IndiHerbs ~The Natural Supplements Store.

Founder’s early formulations secured the company a reputation for creating innovative and effective formulations at a time when the health benefits of natural dietary food supplements were just being recognized. He believed dietary food supplements, if backed by solid scientific research, have the potential to limit day to day ailments. In a couple of years, the demand increased dramatically for the little organisation’s enhancements. Since that time, IndiHerbs has developed from a modest bunch of items to many healthful definitions, many of which were first in the nutritional enhancement industry. From humble beginnings as a little food supplement store during the spearheading period of the dietary enhancement industry, to a universally known brand with a large number of clients four years later. Headquartered at Stevensville,which is already a Mountain State, in the United States, IndiHerbs is the Brand name for IndiHerbs LLC.


At IndiHerbs we promote the Natural extract and Supplements revolution. We are advocating a new model of healthcare that focuses less on treating disease and more on the early interventions to address metabolic imbalances of structure and function that can impair human well-being. This model, called Rare Vedic Herbs, embraces the health-promoting value of nutrient compounds that the body already recognizes. We envisage replenishing the Billion Dollar Industry of OTC medications, with our 100% Natural Botanical extracts that leave no residue inside our body.

We admire nature’s insight. We must act upon the early syndromes of a health issue. Our bodies constantly look for harmony and a healthy arrangement. We give credence to the fact that numerous health concerns emerge from functional imbalances due to poor nutrition, stress, anxiety, and environmental pollution. To restore that healthy equilibrium we come up with our Catalog of Healthy formulations.

At IndiHerbs we engage our studies in science. Here we tend to base our formulations on a deep understanding of the underlying mechanisms our bodies use to keep up with the equilibrium. We scientifically select the best nutrient forms and potencies that function at the cellular level to bring the body’s metabolism in check and acclaim this unique formulation strategy using sophisticated extracts and term it as our motto Rare Vedic Herbs…

Our obligation to quality starts with obtaining natural extracts and other unrefined substances, including natural ingredients when accessible. Unlike other brands, we do our assembling and have unlimited authority over all parts of natural substance acquisition, definition, and quality testing. Numerous tests are performed on each and every ingredient to guarantee its purity, safety, and authenticity.The adoption of modern research technology in preparing these natural dietary supplements has made it ideal to deal with day-to-day health syndromes.Our in-house quality control group and research center purpose the most suitable old style and present-day insightful evaluation strategies.

At IndiHerbs, a well-trained and highly-qualified team utilizes modern, precision equipment in all aspects of manufacturing in closely monitored temperature and humidity-controlled environments.The full range of in-house tablets, capsules, and soft gel provided by us ensures you receive clean, pure, high-quality dietary supplements. 

IndiHerbs’ in-house, full spectrum, analytical laboratories allows us to verify the quality and authenticity of nutritional supplements from start to finish.Just like every incoming raw material is tested in our laboratories, before finished goods are packed, we test each batch to make sure customers are receiving what the label says.That is our commitment to you.