12 Health Benefits of Giloy – The Ultimate Immunity Booster

Health Benefits of Giloy – The Ultimate Immunity Booster

Health Benefits of Tinospora Cordifolia

Tinospora Cordifolia is a plant that is a climbing shrub on other trees, the scientific name of Tinospora Cordifolia is Tinospora cordifolia. It is native to India but also found in Australia, Africa, and some parts of China. It is considered a powerful herbal plant in Ayurveda science and used since ancient times in many types of diseases and allergies. It has strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, anti-pyretic, and immunity booster properties. Now here a look at its uses and benefits are discussed below.  

Health Benefits of  Giloy for habitual fever

1 Tinospora Cordifolia For Continuous  fever

Tinospora Cordifolia has an anti-inflammatory and antipyretic property which helps to boost the immune system and prevent microbial attacks, continuous fever, and infections, regular use of Tinospora Cordifolia in lower quantity helps you in fast recovery and fit body. you can take Tinospora Cordifolia as a supplement form or as a juice. 

2 Tinospora Cordifolia For Dengue Fever

Health Benefits of    Giloy for dengue fever

 Tinospora Cordifolia has an antipyretic property that increases the platelet count and decreases the chances of dengue fever, daily consumption of Tinospora Cordifolia boosts immunity and helps in speedy recovery from dengue. One can consume Tinospora Cordifolia with basil leaves, which help to increase platelet count. 

3 Tinospora Cordifolia For  Sneezing

Tinospora Cordifolia has antipathetic rhinitis which is helpful for reducing the symptoms like sneezing, watery nose, nasal inhibition. People who are suffering from these kinds of symptoms can take Tinospora Cordifolia with honey before food on a regular basis. 

Health Benefits of Giloy for dengue fever

4 Tinospora Cordifolia For Corona-Contagion Infection

Tinospora Cordifolia is very helpful for boosting your immunity and for viral complications. Some scientific studies show that it is helpful for boosting your immunity and some results show it is effective to control corona infection.

How to use it –   take Tinospora Cordifolia as kadha or juice, two times per day. reports suggest that it guard you against corona infection. 

Health Benefits of   Controls blood sugar position

5  Tinospora Cordifolia Control Blood Sugar 

In ayurvedic science, Tinospora Cordifolia is known as the destroyer of sugar as madhunashini. Tinospora Cordifolia helps to increase the production of insulin which actually controls the sugar level in the body. A person who is suffering from diabetes can take Tinospora Cordifolia juice with water 2 times per day. 

6  Tinospora Cordifolia Helps To Boost Immunity 

Health Benefits of     Ameliorate digestion

Tinospora Cordifolia has powerful anti-oxidants and nutrients which help to boost your immune system, it also detoxifies the skin, it increases the efficiency of the liver, urinary tract, infections, and heart-related issues. For better immunity and strength, you can take Tinospora Cordifolia juice with 1 cup of water 2 times a day. 

7 Improve Digestion 

Tinospora Cordifolia has nutrients that improve digestion and prevent some of the problems and infections like ulcer, diarrhea, acidity, indigestion, etc. Here also you can consume Tinospora Cordifolia with 1 cup of water. 

Health Benefits of  Reduces stress and anxiety

8  Tinospora Cordifolia Make Less Stress And Anxiety

It is an excellent herbal remedy to make less your stress and anxiety. It makes your nervous system and memory power strong by repairing brain cells. It also cools and calms your body it has the power to enhance cognitive function. daily use of Tinospora Cordifolia can help you to lower your stress level.  

9  Tinospora Cordifolia Treats Arthritis And Gout

When there is excessive uric acid in your blood then it caused diseases like arthritis or gout. which caused severe pain in your joints. Tinospora Cordifolia has anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory properties which help to treat this problem by reducing the uric acid in your blood. it is also very helpful for treating problems like osteoporosis. 

Health Benefits of   Improves eye-sight

10  Tinospora Cordifolia Improves Eye-Sight

Tinospora Cordifolia is the powerhouse for many nutrients and antioxidants which are helpful for increasing one’s eyesight, it has lutein which is beneficial for eyesight. Here if anyone wants to use Tinospora Cordifolia for eyesight then can boil Tinospora Cordifolia with some water, once it cools down apply it over the eyes.

11 Better Respiratory Health

 polluted air around us is traced by the trachea which causes asthma and many diseases related to breathing. So here also the anti-inflammatory particles of Tinospora Cordifolia prevent our respiratory system and help us to breath more freely. Tinospora Cordifolia is often recommended by experts. 

Health Benefits of  Immature skin

12 Immature Skin

It is very common and seen that after some time the skin aging. It shows many wrinkles, dark spots, dryness therefore here Tinospora Cordifolia is beneficial for anti-aging. It also increases blood rotation which increases the glow of the skin. Tinospora Cordifolia is one herb with many benefits. 

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