Anxiety Management – Ways to Relieve and Manage Anxiety

Anxiety Management - Natural Ways to Relieve and Manage Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural response to stress, especially when bringing novelty and challenges into your mundane life like the first day in school or going for a job interview. It is an expression of fear or apprehension towards a situation. Over time, anxiety disorders have become common and can be felt physically, such as a pounding heart, throbbing hand or leg, sweating, etc.

Every new day brings stress and a new problem to tackle. If you have formed a habit of reacting with anxiety to a stressful situation each time, it can become fatal and take the form of Anxiety Disorder. The first step to coping up with anxiety is to know what triggers your mind.

There are several effective tips to relieve anxiety:-

Treat yourself with ME-TIME: – Hit the gym, Practice Yoga or relaxation techniques, listen to your favorite music, get a head massage. Forgetting the problem for a while helps relax the mind.

Have Proper Meals: – Food is the way to a happy mind. Cook and eat your favorite meal. Do not skip any meal. Keep energy-boosting snacks handy, munch on them often.

Cut back on Alcohol and Caffeine: – It’s not advisable to consume alcohol and caffeine to get rid of anxiety. It can lead to alcohol dependence which can prove fatal to your mind and body.

Get sufficient sleep: – When stressed, your mind needs to relax. Sleep is the best way to escape for a while to provide your mind the needed potion. Thus it is efficacious to get at least eight hours of sleep and start the next day with a new start.

Indulge in Humor: – A good laugh goes a long way. Watch a sitcom or a comedy movie. Humor is free therapy for stress & anxiety.

Accept the situation: – It’s not always helpful to be positive. Try a counterintuitive approach this time. Accept the negative situation instead of trying hard to make the situation right. Learn that you cannot control everything.

Get involved: – Find an NGO or a social community and start volunteering for a good cause. When anxious, it’s important to feel good at heart and be happy & satisfied.

Talk to someone: – Get the burden off your chest. Talk to your family or a friend you feel understands you the best. Do not be embarrassed in asking for help when you are feeling overwhelmed. If needed, talk to a physician or therapist for professional help.

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