Delightful Green Tea: Interesting Facts

Green Tea, a Natural Remedy to keep illness at bay, an Immunity Booster, Antioxidant rich, a Healthier alternative for Coffee. Green Tea, most of what we know, rotates around its ability as a healing Herb. Let’s unreveal some Mysteries of Green Tea.

The Story 

Green Tea was found 5,000 years ago in China. Emperor Shen Nung in China is believed to have discovered Green Tea. He boiled some leaves of Green Tea in hot Boiling Water. Shen Nung drank intriguing Green Tea, and he was surprised with Green Tea’s enchanted and Delicate Flavor and Refreshing Effect.   


Green Tea Leaves are very Refreshing, and don’t have an Oxidative process. Green Tea Leaves are allowed to go without for a few hours, then they are Steamed and Panned to remove the Moisture and trap the Antioxidants within the leaves.

The Flavor of Green Tea 

Green Tea has variety and changes in its Structure and Leaves from region to region. In Japan, it is more Grassy Flavored, in China- it is Peachy and Chocolaty, in Taiwan- it is Gunpowder Flavors. 

Uses of Green Tea 

  • Placing Green tea bags under your eyes works for dark circles and puffy eyes. 
  • Green tea can help remove the scent of onions, garlic, or other odiferous ingredients from a cutting board or countertop, pots and pans.
  • A strong infusion of Green tea can help reduce foot odor
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