Giloy - Kashayam, Satva Powder, Dosage Uses, Ingredients

How To Administer Giloy Kashayam?


Take 4-6 tsp of this kashayam by investing it with 1 tsp of honey, formerly or twice a day before food or as suggested by the croaker. This waterless extract of guduchi can be taken for about a month, formerly prepared and stored well.

Giloy For Dosha Imbalance

Vata Pitta kapha

For Vata Imbalance

Vata Imbalance

Giloy dry condiment greasepaint or decoction along with ghee

For Pitta Imbalance

Pitta Imbalance

Giloy dry condiment greasepaint or decoction along with mishri

For Constipation


Giloy dry condiment greasepaint or decoction along with jaggery

For Pain

Women having  Pain stomach

Massage Giloy dry condiment greasepaint by mixing with castor canvas for soothing pain

Health Benefits Of Giloy Satva Powder

Giloy Satva Powder and Leave

Giloy Aids In Digestion

Digestion System

The magical greasepaint is an excellent digestive expression. The Anti-flatulent property of this product reduces the conformation of gas in the alimentary conduit, therefore reducing flatulence, bloating and abdominal distension. Blessed with a cargo of nutrients, the condiment acts as a potent appetizer, which increases appetite, reduces indigestion and promotes better immersion of nutrients in the body. The laxative nature of this satva also softens droppings and relieves constipation.

Consume 2 tbsp of giloy satva with either amla excerpt or buttermilk to ameliorate digestion and get relief from heartburn and other digestive issues.

Manages Diabetes

Blood Sugar checking Machine

The hypoglycemic property of giloy plays a substantial part in assuring the blood sugar position of the body. The product of insulin from the β-pancreatic cells becomes active on the consumption of this giloy satva. It helps to drop the breakdown of bounce into glucose which in turn leads to low blood glucose situations in the blood, helping manage diabetes.

Prevents Fever

Women Checking her Fever

The antipyretic nature of giloy satva helps fight habitual fever and reduce the threat of other contagious conditions. Several inquiries explosively back the use of this expression in treating infections like the common deep freeze, flu, and other fever symptoms. It indeed helps the body increase blood platelets and treat life- hanging conditions like dengue and malaria.

Bolsters Immunity

Being an exceptional rejuvenative condiment, giloy helps in boosting the body’s impunity. The antioxidant andanti-microbial parcels of giloy flush out the AMA poisons from the body and guard the body from colorful microbial conditions. It also improves liver and order functioning and treats urinary tract infection.

Relieves Pain

Women showing her Back Pain

Giloy satva greasepaint portrays strong anti-inflammatory and pain- relieving parcels, which makes it pivotal for relieving pain and inflammation during arthritis and gout. Thanks to its important analgesic nature, it dismisses burning sensation in bases and is also plant salutary in reducing common and muscle pain, thereby reducing the chances of habitual autoimmune seditious conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

Effect On Doshas


Giloy naturally showcases three tastes of rasa, primarily Kashaya ( tangy), Katu ( pungent) and Tikta ( bitter) Rasa which aids in its immersion in the body. Sanctified with Laghu ( light) and Snigdha ( oleaginous) gunas help it to access deep within the body. It has Ushna Virya ( hotting energy) and Madhura Vipaka ( sweetpost-digestive effect). By virtue of its tangy and bitter taste, giloy effectively pacifies the Kapha and Pitta doshas and owing to its metabolic parcels, it normalizes the Vata and Pitta doshas and provides a nutritional effect to the body.

Thanks to its Tridoshic Rasayana parcels, this important churna makes a strong Doshatrayahara i.e. it’s an effective remedy that balances all the three doshas which are Vata ( air) doshas, Pitta ( fire and air) doshas and Kapha ( earth and water) doshas.

Lozenge Of Giloy Satva Powder

Giloy Powder

The specific remedial lozenge may vary from person to person depending upon the age, inflexibility and condition of the case. One must consult an ayurvedic croaker or guru, as he or she’ll completely examine the suggestions and define the operative lozenge for the specific time period.

The minimal remedial lozenge may range from 500 mg to 1 gm, doubly daily invested in cold or warm water, before reflections or as suggested by the croaker.

Giloy Satva Powder For Colorful Anomalies

Dry Giloy powder

Although these tone- remedies and effective tablets are mentioned, it’s rigorously advised to follow-up with an ayurvedic croaker or guru prior to operation.

Pitta Aggravation Take 500 mg of giloy satva with amla extract.

Diabetes Take 500 mg of giloy satva by mixing with 3-5 gm of Nishamalaki churna.

Administer 500 mg of giloy satva with 5 gm of Sudarshana churna.

Burning Sensation Take 500 mg of giloy satva by mixing with 1 gm of Gandhaka Rasayana.

Adverse Goods Of Giloy Satva Powder

Thanks to the umpteen benefits of giloy, this ayurvedic expression doesn’t portray any side goods or contraindications. Although it proclaims to be safe for use by pregnant women and lactating mothers, it’s explosively suggested to get consulted by an ayurvedic croaker before ingesting any herbal drug. It’s also good for diabetes, but if the case is formerly taking any other drug for the autoimmune complaint, it’s judicious to consult a croaker as without medical supervision this expression might beget a unforeseen drop in the sugar situations which might be dangerous.


Being a estimable ayurvedic expression, giloy satva greasepaint showers us with innumerous health benefits. While supported as a potent immunomodulator, this classical drug holds high significance in the treatment of fever, gout, mouth ulcer, gastritis, diabetes etc. As this drug doesn’t have any reported negative goods, hence with a previous croaker’s discussion, you can reap the benefits of the rejuvenative condiment Giloy.

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