Hair benefits of Gooseberry

Gooseberry is a round shape like herbal fruit which tastes sour, it is also known as Indian Gooseberry or Amla. The scientific name of Amla or Gooseberry is Phyllanthus Emblica.The Amla word is derived from the Sanskrit language Amalaki which means Nectar of life. Many people don’t know about Gooseberries; they see it only as a fruit but it has many Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory Vitamins and Fibers which are beneficial for us. Now let’s discuss its uses and benefits for our hair. 

Gooseberry for Hair Growth

Gooseberry has Phyto- Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals which help for Blood Circulation in the Scalp. Vitamin C in the Gooseberry helps to produce Protein and Collagen in the Body which helps Healthy Growth of the Hair, it helps to Removing Dead Cells from the Hair and Generate New Cells for Hair Growth.

Gooseberry as a Natural Hair Conditioner 

Regular use of Gooseberries makes Hair Shiny and Glossy. It Moistures Hair and removes Dead Hairs which prevent Frizzy Hair. It Nourishes and Strengthens your Hair and adds Volume to it.

Gooseberry for Dandruff Problem 

Dandruff is Normal problem faced by many people. Dandruff is mainly the result of Dry Hair. Vitamins in Gooseberries prevent Dryness which Cure from Dandruff. It also helps in relieving it from Itching in the Hair Scalps.  

Gooseberry for Hair Cleansing 

Gooseberries are well known for Hair problems, its consumption helps from various Hair related problems. Its juice is great for Hair Cleanser, and prevents our Hair from many Hair Damages. It makes Hair Shiny and Straight.

Gooseberry for Hair Strengthening

Gooseberries have Nutrients and Vitamin C which helps in the Strengthening of the Hair. It promotes Healthy Growth of the Hair, maintains color of the Hair and improves the Luster of the Hair.

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