Health Benefits of Ginseng Ext.  

Ginseng Extract

Ginseng is a Herbal Plant which has been used in our Traditional Medicine System for Ages. The Ginseng plant is basically native to China and found all over the world. It is a short plant with fleshy roots. Ginseng is popular with names like American Ginseng and Asian Ginseng, and works as a Relaxing Agent. Apart from this it has other benefits also, some of its Great Benefits are discussed below:- 

Ginseng for Brain Function 

Ginseng has many compounds like Ginsenosides and Compound K which act against Free Radicals, and help to Improve Brain Function. Some studies have shown that it is also helpful in Regulating Mood, Improving Behavior, and Sharpening Memory.

Ginseng for Inflammation 

Ginseng has Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory components which are helpful in reducing Inflammation. Ginsenoside components in Ginseng help to increase Antioxidant Capacity in Cells and work against Oxidative Stress.  

Ginseng for the Immune System 

Components in Ginseng are helpful for boosting our Immune System. People suffering from Cancer can consume Ginseng. It can boost their Immune System and increase the process of Vaccination in them, it is also used by Doctors in Chemotherapy Treatment. 

Ginseng for Erectile Dysfunction 

Ginseng has nutrients that help in enhancing the blood flow in penile muscles and decrease oxidative stress in tissues. which helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  It is also used in the Korean and Chinese medicinal systems.

Ginseng for lowering blood sugar 

Ginseng has nutrients, which are helpful in increasing insulin levels in the body and balancing the blood sugar level. It also improves the performance of the cells and provides antioxidant protection. Regular consumption of ginseng helps in improving energy levels and fighting tiredness.

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