Health benefits of Indian frankincense(Boswellia Serrata)

Boswellia Serrata is also known as Indian Frankincense. It is a Resin Herbal Extract from the Boswellia Tree, which Natural Medicine practices have used for Centuries. Indian Frankincense has many Anti-inflammatory and Antipyretic effects which are known to treat many health related conditions. Below some of its Great Benefits are discussed: 

Indian Frankincense for Cancer 

Indian Frankincense has Antitumor properties which prevent the Development of Cancer Cells. It helps to prevent Negatively affecting DNA and Certain Enzymes which lead Cancer in your Body. 

Indian Frankincense for asthma 

Indian Frankincense has Antipyretic Compounds which help to counteract from Chronic Diseases. Indian Frankincense has Boswellic Acid which helps to block off the Allergic response that causes Asthma.

Indian Frankincense for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a Serious Disease that can cause Serious Complications to Major Organs. Indian Frankincense  has Anti-inflammatory Properties which lessens the symptoms of Arthritis. 

Indian Frankincense for Skin 

Indian Frankincense has Boswellic Acid which is Beneficial for our Skin, it can Improve Elasticity in the Skin. It can Reduce Skin Irritation and Skin Redness, it Soothes the Skin.

Indian Frankincense for Parkinson’s Disease 

Boswellia Serrata can be an effective Supplement in dealing with Parkinson’s Disease. Boswellia has an Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidants effect, which appears to protect Neurons in the Brain and improve motor function in Parkinson’s Disease.

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