Health Benefits of Licorice Powder

Licorice Powder comes from the Licorice Root or Plant; it is considered one of the Oldest Herbal Remedies. The Licorice plant is Native to Western Asia and Southern Europe, found all over the Plant. Licorice has long been used since the Ages. Some of its great Benefits are discussed below:-

Licorice for Skin

Licorice Plant contains Anti Inflammatory, Antibacterial and Antiviral Effects. It is used to Treat a variety of Skin conditions like Acne and Eczema. It is also used to Treat Acne, Itching and Redness on the Skin.

Licorice for Indigestion

Licorice has Nutrients which help with proper Digestion of Food and Relieve from Indigestion. It helps in Acid Reflux, Upset Stomach, and Heartburn. People can consume Licorice as a Supplement or in Powder form, but consult your Doctor before using these Supplements.

Licorice for Cancer

Licorice has Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory Properties, which can Protect Against Cancer. It prevents Cell Growth in Skin, Breast, Colorectal and Prostate Cancer. Licorice is helpful for Treating Oral Mucositis (Mouth sores). 

Licorice for Respiratory Diseases

Licorice has Anti inflammatory and Antimicrobial Properties, its Consumption as a Root Extract and Tea aids Upper Respiratory conditions. Licorice Extract relieves from Asthma and Strep Throat, it is also used in Modern Therapies for various Diseases.

Licorice for Oral Health 

Licorice Root has Antipyretic Properties which helps to maintain our Oral Health. It prevents Cavities in our Teeth, and helps in cleaning our Gums and Teeths. For our Teeth we can take Licorice in Powdery form.

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