Health Benefits of Margosa(Neem)

Margosa is a Herbal Tree, it is Native to India and found all over the World. It is a Medicinal Plant and has been used in our Traditional Medicinal Plant from Ages. It belongs to the Mahogany family of trees and is Scientifically known as the Azadirachta Indica. It has numerous Health Benefits for our Body, Hair and Skin. Let’s discuss its Amazing Health Benefits:- 

Neem for Hair Health

Neem has Powerful Nutrients which help Cleansing of Hair. Its consumption helps to Prevent from Lice and Parasite growth in the Hair. Now it is used in the making of Shampoos and Conditioners of the Hair. It also prevents the Dandruff and Irritation in Scalp.  

Neem for Oral Health

Neem has Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, Immune Boosting and Antioxidants which promote Oral Health. Chewing Neem Leaves or as a Supplement may Relieve Gum Swelling, Pain, Tooth Decay and Cavities.

Neem for Skin Health

Neem has Oleic, Fatty, Palmitic, and Linoleic Acids, Which support Healthy Skin. It has Anti-inflammatory, and Anti-microbial properties, which helps to treat Psoriasis and Eczema like Diseases.

Neem for Liver and Kidney Health 

Neem has Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Properties which help to Fight against Oxidative Stress, and Promote Kidney and Liver Health. Neem helps to reduce Free Radicals and External sources of Bacteria.

Neem for Sugar Level

Neem has Bitter Taste which helps to Reduce Sugar levels and boosts Insulin levels in the body. Which in Turn maintains Sugar level in the body and maintains your Health. Neem can be consumed as a Tea, Supplement or can chew its Leaves raw, it will be better.

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