Health Benefits of Plumbago Indica Ext.

Plumbago Indica is a Perennial Herb, which contains Long Seeds inside the Flower. It is also known as Red Lead Wort or Chitrak, native to India it is found all over the World. Red Lead Wort or Plumbago Indica contains Fructose, Protease, Fructose, Antipyretic and Antiseptic in Nature. Plumbago has Anti Bacterial and Antioxidant Properties. Some of its Health Benefits are discussed below:-   

Plumbago Indica for Chronic Diseases 

Plumbago Indica or Red Lead Wort has Antipyretic and Antiseptic properties which are helpful for Preventing Chronic Diseases, it is also helpful for Respiratory diseases such as Bronchitis and Rheumatism.

Plumbago Indica for Skin Diseases

Plumbago Indica is very useful in Treating Skin Diseases. It contains Antibacterial Properties and Antioxidants which can cure Skin diseases such as Itching and Redness on the Skin. Regular consumption as a Paste or Supplement of Plumbago Indica makes Skin more Shinier.  

Plumbago Indica for Stomach Ailments

Plumbago Indica is used to treat some Stomach Ailments such as Intestinal Worms, Ringworms, Intestinal Troubles, Indigestion and Loss of Appetite. Nutrients in Plumbago Indica help in Killing Bacterias in our Body. It also in some Countries for Abortion and useful for Digestion. 

Plumbago Indica for Weight Management 

Consumption of Plumbago Indica helps in Healthy Weight Management and Healthy Metabolism. It helps in Removing Toxins from the Body and balances Fluid Levels in the body, which prevents Weight Gain. Plumbago Indica paste is also used in curing of Leprosy, sore and other Unhealthy Wounds.  

Plumbago Indica for Liver Diseases

Plumbago Wightii has Nutrition which helps in Maintaining Healthy liver. It helps in regulating Lipid level in the Body and helps in proper Digestion, which maintains a Healthy Liver and Body System.

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