Fenugreek alongwith its Multiplier Health benefits is one of the important Herbs that is used in the Treatment of many diseases. However, major Precautions and Key Points to take into considerations about intaking Fenugreek are:

Some common unwanted effects of fenugreek include: Diarrhea, An upset Stomach, The Urine, Sweat, Dizziness, Headaches etc.

Some people have had allergic reactions to fenugreek, although this is rare.

Pregnant women should avoid consuming Fenugreek because it contains compounds that can stimulate contractions and may cause Birth Abnormalities.

Fenugreek can also act similarly to Estrogen in the body, so it may negatively impact people with hormone-sensitive cancers.

In general, a person with any health issue should avoid Fenugreek or use it cautiously. Moreover, one should Talk to a doctor before trying it.

Fenugreek does not Negatively interact with many drugs, but some of the herb’s compounds may perform similar functions as medications, so taking both may not be safe.

Understanding the risks of overdosing on Fenugreek will require more research. As with any medicinal food or supplement, it is best to add Fenugreek to the diet at a slow, steady rate.

While it may have Multiple Health benefits, Fenugreek cannot cure any condition. A doctor should assess all symptoms as soon as possible to prevent further internal complications.

People, particularly those with underlying Chronic conditions and Lactating women, should speak with a doctor before starting Fenugreek supplements or significantly increasing their dietary intake.

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