Meditation : Types and Elements

Meditation : Types and Elements

Meditation is one of the main parts of Yoga and has been practiced in India since the Thousand of the Years. Although Meditation is a very simple Pose and Asana of Yoga, it has other types and Elements as well. And all parts and Elements of Yoga have only one goal that is Inner Peace. Some of Ways to Meditate can Include:- 

Mindfulness Meditation:-

This kind of Meditation can include Awareness, being Mindful and acceptance of living in the present moment. In this you focus on what you Experience and Broaden your Conscious Awareness through your Breath. 

Guided Meditation:

It is also called Imagery or Visualization Meditation. With this kind of Meditation you can form Mental Images or Places, where you forget your Stress and Relax your mind. You may be guided through an Instructor or Teacher. 

Transcendental Meditation:-

It is a simple, Natural Technique. In this Kind of Meditation, you just repeat the Mantra or Phrase Assigned in a Specific way. In Transcendental Meditation your Body Rest and achieve Inner Peace. 

Elements of Meditation:-

Different Types of Meditation can include some Elements and Features:- 

Focused Attention:-

Focused attention is generally one of the most important Elements of Meditation.

Relaxed Breathing:-

This Technique involves Deep Breathing using the Diaphragm Muscle to expand your Lungs. 

A Quiet Setting:-

Practicing Meditation may be easier if you’re in a quiet spot.

A Comfortable Position:-

You can practice Meditation whether you’re sitting, lying down, walking, or in other positions or activities.

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