Skin Benefits of Fenugreek

Fenugreek is one of the Oldest Medicinally used plants, with roots in both Traditional Indian and Chinese Systems of Medicine. Fenugreek alongwith its Multiplier Health benefits is one of the important Herbs that is used in the Treatment of many diseases. Seed, leaves and Powdered form  of Fenugreek retains varied Medicinal advantages to Human Health. Fenugreek Seeds are Quite Bitter but they are highly Nutritious and gently Roasted Seeds could change the Seed’s Flavor and taste. These Seeds are Full of Vitamin A, K, C, B6 and some Minerals like Zinc, Potassium and Copper. These Seeds have a good deal of Skin benefits to it. Here are a few Skin Benefits we are going to talk about:

Cleanses Skin

Fenugreek Seeds are full of Antioxidants which help your Skin for Cleansing. Soak Fenugreek Seeds in Water overnight and make a paste of it, apply it on your Skin as a Mask, it will Cleanse your Skin.

Glowing Skin 

Vitamin C in Fenugreek Seeds Lightens the Skin Complexion and gives it a Fair Glow. Applying a paste of soaked Fenugreek Seeds on your Face as a mask for a Brighter and Clearer Skin. You can also apply a mix of Fenugreek seed powder with some Milk on your Face. Apply this pack as a Facial Mask for a Naturally Glowing Skin.

Moisturizes Skin

Soaked Fenugreek Seeds paste Nourish and Moisturize the Skin by removing all the Dryness. It contains Iron and Vitamin C which helps to moisturize your Skin.

Exfoliates Skin

Nutrients, Minerals and Vitamins present in the Fenugreek help your Skin for Exfoliation. You can apply its Soaked Seeds paste as a Scrub on your Face. It not only removes the Dead Skin Cells but also Reduces Excess Oil from the Skin.

Facial Toner

You can use Soaked Fenugreek Seeds Water as a Facial Toner, it maintains the tone of your Face and prevents Dirt and Oil on the Face.

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