The Art of Happiness

Few ways by which internal Happiness can be achieved are:

Setting realistic, achievable, and personally significant goals 

Setting up the Realistic goals and the Ability to Pursue the Goals gives a Complete sense of Satisfaction. Happiness is the ultimate goal which can be achieved when the Goals are achieved. 

Happiness can be achieved by willingness to know the Truth

We have to wake up to our own underlying truths. Anything you’re lying to yourself about is holding you back from true happiness. True Happiness comes with the willingness to accept the Truth and making up your mind accordingly.

Happiness does not come from pretension

Comparing yourself to anyone else is not only futile but also irrelevant. Your concern should be to uncover your own truth and live according to that.

When you try to be like someone else, you are trying to live according to what you think it means to be happy like them. And the unfortunate truth is that most people are pretending to be happy externally but miss out on internal peace.

They may gloat about their successes or perceived achievements. But true happiness is a Vibration that is undeniable and needs no proving or boasting.

Find Happiness Within

You will never find true happiness if it is to be found somewhere else. There is not one single thing outside of ourselves that will cultivate true happiness. Not another human being whether it be a partner, parent, or child.

The only place true happiness can emerge from is through the self. We can experience moments of joy and bliss in relationship to other human beings, but true happiness is a result of your connection to your own truth.

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