There are various species and types of Gooseberry that are identified with their own Unique Structure and properties. Different varieties of Amla (Gooseberry) are grown in different parts of the world and it also varies in its levels of nutrition. Understanding the multiple Health Benefits of Gooseberries is equally important as looking at the different types of Gooseberries grown worldwide. Here is a list of different types of gooseberries with its properties:

1. Fredonia Gooseberry:

This is a larger variety of Gooseberries that appear to be Dark red and is cultivated and grown in the United States though it is a native fruit from England. This fruit is available from July to August.

2. Achilles Gooseberry:

This type of Gooseberry appears to be small and hairy which is red in color and is usually consumed in the United Kingdom. This is usually sold in the markets after the second week of July.

3. Whinham’s Gooseberry:

This type of Gooseberry is a native of England and appears to be lengthy and when it ripens, this fruit turns to be purple-red in color and the taste and smell of the fruit is said to be fabulous.

4. Poorman Gooseberry:

This variety of Gooseberry is said to be the best in the United States. It appears to be extremely large because of its Red color and also has an excellent taste and texture. It is usually sold in the month of July in America.

5. Whitesmith Gooseberry:

This type of Gooseberry is also called English Whiter. When this fruit ripens, the fruit turns green or yellow. This is one of the best varieties for Consumption purposes and does not have to be processed in order to be consumed. This variety is usually found in The United Kingdom from the beginning of July.

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