There are several Health Secrets for a long life. Few secrets of Long Life are:

Proper Physical Labor

Most people’s lives are sedentary with little or no physical exertion. Lack of Exercise and Physical inactivity, as we know, causes a number of illnesses and laziness in the body. Hence it is imperative to add at least light exercise to your daily routine to maintain the flexibility and regularity. Physical activity not only Generates Energy but also aids in keeping the Mind and the body in Good Spirit.

Hitting the bed when feeling Sleepy

With Constant Exposure to Gadgets and Electronic devices, the natural wake/sleep cycle has been severely jeopardized. Both Yoga and Ayurveda recommend sleeping at night and staying awake during the day according to the natural pattern of the body.. Sleeping during the day and remaining awake at night is very detrimental to our health and it is well known that such a lifestyle causes disease and mental instability.

Eating when Hungry

The Yogic advice is to eat when one feels truly hungry. If there’s no Appetite, it’s better to wait for some time and then eat a proper balanced meal. Never get into the habit of ‘grazing’, i.e. eating bits and pieces every once in a while, as that will destroy your Agni (digestive fire) and ultimately wreck your health.

Regular Fasting

Yogic Fasting is prescribed for one full day at a time and it allows the digestive system to rest fully. In a way we are resting the system whenever we complete a full yogic fast for 36 hours, without food or water. On a fasting day we can share food with those who have none and we can devote more time to our spiritual practices and intellectual endeavors that Detoxifies the Mind, Body and the Soul.

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