Health Benefits of Commiphora Wightii

Commiphora Wightii is a Gum like Resin and Native to Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. It is part of the Burseraceae Family, also known as the Incense Family. Commiphora Wightii is also Known as Guggul, Gum Guggul. It has been used in our Traditional Medicinal System since Ages to treat Various Health conditions like Arthritis, skin, hypothyroidism, osteoarthritis, diabetes, Inflammation. Commiphora Wightii contains a mix of compounds like Carbohydrates, Amino Acids and Flavonoids, which has many benefits. Let’s discuss its benefits:-

Commiphora Wightii for Hypothyroidism

Thyroid problems are very common these days. Commiphora Wightii extracts are helpful in improving the activity of Enzymes produced by Thyroid Glands. Consumption of Commiphora Wightii helps to improve the Signs and Symptoms associated with Hypothyroidism like Weakness, Muscle Aches and Fatigue.  

Commiphora Wightii for Weight Loss

Commiphora Wightii has Nutrients which help to Suppress the Appetite, and Treat Obesity. Consumption of Commiphora Wightii helps in breaking down Fatty Acids thus reducing the volume of Fatty Tissues.

Commiphora Wightii for Skin

Commiphora Wightii is Beneficial for Skin as well. Nutrients in Commiphora Wightii help in treating Skin Irritation and Inflammation. Its consumption helps in Improving Itchiness, Redness and Skin Discoloration. People who are suffering from Eczema and Psoriasis like Skin Diseases can use Commiphora Wightii containing Cream or mask, it helps them in Curing these Skin diseases and making their Skin Smoother and Brighter.

Commiphora Wightii for Osteoarthritis

Commiphora Wightii helps in alleviating the symptoms of Osteoarthritis. It helps with Knee Pain, Knee Swelling, and Knee Flexion. It has Nutrients which help in making bones more Dense, it improves the Working of Bones and relieves Pain.

Commiphora Wightii for Diabetes 

Consumption of Commiphora Wightii helps in Lowering Blood Sugar and managing Diabetes. It helps in Improving the level of Insulin which results in Lowering down of Blood Sugar.

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