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DeCold Ayurvedic formulation is an anti-allergic preparation to fight common cold, sore throat, and seasonal fever.



DiabCtrl is a proprietary supplement and it is 100% natural preparation that acts as a regulator of blood glucose level and insulin monitor.



FemiTone relieves constipation and improves digestion power by healing the liver which in turn gives strength to the body.



ImmuEnhance is a 100% natural immunity enhancer for fever and flu caused by bacterial & viral infections.



ImmuHance helps boost the system’s immunity levels and builds body resistance against pathogens. It helps in keeping allergies in check and combats common infections. Its unique formulation is attained through careful and sophisticated processing of the very best quality Curcumin.

IndiHerbs Curcumina


IndiHerbs Curcumina has curcumin extract which helps boost immunity and reduce inflammation. Haldi is considered as a natural remedy to a plethora of diseases for ages. Dabur Haldi drop has antioxidant properties and helps to treat cough and cold. It is also good for skin and joint health.

IndiHerbs SlimIt


IndiHerbs SlimIt is a 100% natural Ayurvedic this product. IndiHerbs SlimIt is mainly use for weight loss this is a natural formula which is made by all ayurvedic ingredients without any side effect it perform well on your body This slim fit sutra product may change your body hormone its its natural position of natural work.



KamaEdge herbal extract is an assorted combination of rare Vedic herbs which helps boost your testosterone levels.



LeucoNil is a natural dietary supplement for women suffering from menstrual disorders and Leucorrhoea.



NapCapz is a natural preparation that can help increase the level of Melatonin and Magnesium


NutroVita is a nutritional supplement specially designed for growing children & teenagers. It is power packed with essential Vitamins &



OrthoAid has been prepared keeping in mind the joint pains associated with aging and to rejuvenate the muscles and bone marrow inside human body.